Digital Nomad OG Reveals all the Best Business Models, Tools, Life Hacks & Pro Tips to Unlock and Optimize the DN Lifestyle in SE Asia
"The Ultimate Digital Nomad Beginners Guide"

YOU are looking to achieve and maximize the DN lifestyle...

Get ready to download the brain of a DN for 7+ years... 

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  • 10 Best Online Business Models explained  
  • How to choose the right business model 
  • The Digital Nomad Roadmap
  • Travel & Living in SE Asia Pro-Tips
  • The Ultimate Nomad Spreadsheet - Travel Checklists, Discount Codes, Secret Resources & more

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25+ Nomad Lifestyle Pro-Tips:
The best travel hacks
Things I WISH I knew sooner
How I fly business class FREE
 Spreadsheet of my fav tools & apps
Lots of exclusive discount codes for shit

  Save $1,000s per year
 Save 100s of hours
Maximize your FUN
Reduce hassle & confusion
Avoid mistakes I made
The mindsets you should have

This guide is for you if you're thinking....

"I want to live the digital nomad lifestyle but don't know where to start!"

"I want to be able to travel on my own terms."

"I want to live & work remotely in SE Asia and want to learn all the pro-tips and learn from your mistakes."

"I'm not sure which business to start."

"How can I maximize my changes of success at online business?"

What's Inside

  • 50+ Pages 
  • The Best Online Business / Work Remote Models explained for beginners 
  • It will help you choose a business model right for you 
  • The Digital Nomad Roadmap
  • Living Abroad Pro-Tips that will save you $1,000's
  • BONUS: 30+ 'Real Talk' videos with notes

Best Online Business Models for Beginners 

  • The 3 Categories of Earning Remotely [7:16] 
  • Remote Phone Closing [40:24]
  • Digital Marketing Agency [11:12] 
  • Amazon FBA [13:49]
  • Freelancing [6:52] 
  • Remote Employee [11:26] 

  • Software & Apps [4:00] 
  • Being an Influencer [4:56] 
  • Building Niche SEO Websites [52:15] 
  • Action Steps

Traveling & Living Abroad: Tips, Tricks, Secrets & Mistakes to Avoid

  • Top 5 digital nomad cities
  • Visas for Thailand
  • Visas for Indonesia
  • Visas for Vietnam
  • Visa for Columbia 

  • How to find where to live
  • Renting weekly vs monthly vs long-term
  • Travel Insurance - Should you get it? [UPDATE POST-COVID]
  • Do you need a foreign bank account when moving abroad? 

  • How I Fly Business Class FREE
  • Airport tips 
  • How I Pay ZERO ATM fees & International Transaction Fees (Save $100+ per year)
  • How I stay fit while traveling 

Living in South East Asia: Tips, Tricks, Secrets & Mistakes to Avoid

  • Living abroad in one place for Weeks vs Months vs Years [4:31]
  • How to meet fellow entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads [4:50]**
  • General things I wish I knew sooner [2:01]
  • Things to avoid [1:25]

  • How and why to connect with locals [2:50]
  • How to eat healthy [3:43]
  • Tips for to living on a tight budget [4:36]
  • Motorbikes – tips & what to know [7:51]
  • How to find the right gym [3:14]

  • How to find places to eat, drink and hang out [4:57]
  • Dating tips [3:25]
  • Tinder tips [1:55]
  • *Having a girlfriend vs being single [3:50]

BONUS: Transitioning to a Remote Lifestyle/Career

  • When should I quit my job?
  • Should I quit BEFORE having an ONLINE income stream?
  • How to save money at home
  • How to negotiate a remote work agreement
  • How to tell your parents
  • How to tell your friends
  • How to deal with your girlfriend situation
  • How to plan your move abroad
  • How to sell your shit 
  • What about subletting your apartment
  • How to find cheap flights

10+ Checklists & Sheet Templates that will save you $1,000’s of dollars and 100’s
of hours.

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